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UPDATE #3 – Skate Park – Media Campaign

By Tammy Laval

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

What started out as a playful dream amongst two friends, is fast-tracking to become one of the ‘hot-issues’  trending in social media for our locals.  For the fastest growing suburb to lay bare, with literally no facilities to accommodate an ever expanding community, the locals are now calling for more Youth orientated projects.

So how have our two boys been pursing this … what started with a single meeting with the Mayor, lead to an invitation to present to the Mackay City Council.

Since conducting their presentation to the Mackay City Council, to have the Skate Park initiative approved into the Council Projects for 2017, the boys grabbed the opportunity to make a mass community appeal, resulting in a major public relations campaign.

While the boys awaited the outcome on the approval, they have been on a media campaign trail to match that of the US election for 2016! … Maybe not quite true, but it sure felt like it for these two local boys. With one of them commenting – “Is this what it feels like to be famous?”

It all started when our boys captured the attention of Channel 7 news (who happen to be present for the Council’s vote on the Fluoride debate), and soon had the news stations attention when they started their presentation to the Councillors.  An invitation to be interviewed soon followed, and was piggy-backed by the ABC News, Daily Mercury, Star 101, 4MK & SEAFM Mackay, as the media outlets got wind of their story.

It is here, that we would like to take the opportunity of thanking all of the aforementioned media companies, for providing a platform for which the boys could deliver not only their message to the wider community, but the much needed public support to the campaign.

It has resulted in the Facebook Support Page to increase from approximately 600 to 1000 supporters in a matter of a few days.

Please keep your eyes & ears on alert as the boy’s gear up for their next stage of the campaign trail, by following our support page  Northern Beaches Skate Park

Thank-you to all who continue to show their support towards #MackaySkateMovement

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