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The Real Mack-eye!

By Tammy Laval

Our radio stations incite unrest between the local residents, & the reason I came to post this content after listening to the debate on radio on my way to work… So how on earth do you pronounce, MACKAY?

Had I been saying it wrong all this time? I’d only know it as Mack’eye’, after relocating to the region when I was two, & my Scottish neighbours pronounce the same Mack’eye’.

Given we are often having to explain the pronunciation to numerous new comers to town, we decided to supply the following to resolve the MAC’EYE’ or MAC’A’ argument.

A post by Glen Hall from the Mackay Historical Society & Museum Inc, shared his take on this debate by backing it with historical data:

  1. A ditty by local Mrs A Dunbar, sent to him from an ex-local who knew the poet as a child & thought it helpful to the topic, and
  2. An achieved series of letter to the editor published & centred around1956 in the local papers.  One written by R.H. Mackay in defence of his late father, Captain John Mackay name, debunking the mispronunciation of the town to which his later father’s name was attributed.

We are sure this debate will linger, but let’s hope Glen Hall’s fact sheet is given the credit, where credit is due.

Source: Mackay Historical Society & Museum Inc.& Photo of Captain John Mackay from Wikipedia

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