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Queensland power assets pay dividends

By Tammy Laval

Nearly 2 million households will see another $50 taken off their electricity bills from this month thanks to Queensland’s publicly owned power assets.

The dividends come off the top of the COVID household relief package, which provided Queensland households with $200 off their utility bills and $500 for small businesses.

The recent $50 dividends being applied as a credit on the homeowner’s electricity bills.  The dividend payment already applied to some ergon regional bills last week, and will be appearing progressively as people receive their bills.

Energy Minister Dr. Anthoy Lynham said the Government had locked in another annual $50 dividend payment to go to Queensland households in 2021.

“Queensland has the energy trifecta: lowest average prices on the eastern seaboard, reliable supply, and a transition to renewables in the future,” he said.  We benefited unlike other states by the dividends from our publicly-owned companies flowing back to Queensland families across the state, rather than to overseas shareholders.

Publicly-owned electricity companies like Powerlink, Ergon, Energex, CS Energy, Stanwell Corp, and CleanCo to invest more than $1.76 billion on capital works in 2020-21.

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