How Mackay’s big four will spend $12million

By Tammy Laval

Member for Dawson George Christensen was credited with the idea that became the Regional Jobs and Investment Package during the 2016 election.

That program was established to bolster local economies and create more jobs, something the four recipients said would happen with their projects.

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D&T Hardchrome –

Grant $1.6m – Project $10.4m.To deliver a world-class industrial hard chrome electroplating and finishing facility in Paget

“We mainly service the Bowen Basin but this will expand it and we will be looking at PNG.

“This diversification builds up a bigger marketplace for us and there will be more gearbox refurbishments happening.

“We will be looking at refurbishment and maintenance, which is basically an import replacement industry for Australia.”

Manager Warren Smith

Linked Group Services – Grant $249,839 – Project $499,678. New off-the-grid office, storage and fabrication workshop at Paget

“We want to showcase to (other businesses), they can take control of (electricity) costs and forecast long term.

“We want to show to other businesses it works and it is clean, reliable power, better than the grid. They can see it working here and expand it across any business in Australia.”

Owner Jason Sharam

Diacon Australia –

Grant $420,000 – Project $1m. Toinstall new manufacturing equipment to increase capacity to sell overseas

“We started our mesh guarding system for conveyors back in 2010 and mostly service Bowen Basin coal mines, and in Western Australia.

“This grant allows us to expand equipment and our capacity to sell our guarding systems all over Australia.”

Owner Brad Hamilton

Canegrowers –

Grant $150,000 – Project $300,000.

A tailored skills and training program to make cane farming more efficient

“We are seeing irrigated agriculture has seen a 130-per cent increase in electricity prices in 10 years. So to save money they are turning the pumps off, productivity goes down, investment in the region goes down, suppliers are having to lay off staff.

“We can see average cane growers save 28-30 per cent and even higher on electricity prices, we can see them potentially using their water better and potentially a 15 per cent gain in their crop.”

CEO Kerry Latter

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