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Petition for Northern Beaches Multipurpose Skate Park – 2016

We are asking the community to get behind this petition to build a skate park in Blacks Beach for our youth. – Eimeo / Blacks Beach Skate Park

The area has little to no facilities available for children to entertain themselves, and the suburb is quite a distance from the closest one located in Bucasia Shopping Complex.  Hence, difficult for children to make their way there on their own.  When they do, the existing facility located in Bucasia is too small to cater for the number of children utilising the venue.

What started out as a friend of one of our children wanting to have the same facilities as the one located in the suburb of Slade Point, became a quest between friends, & in turn encouraging parents, work colleges and friend alike to want to assist.  One of the boys sent their request to the Mayor, asking for assistance on the matter.  Followed shortly by the discovery of this petition, which was created in by another local child, also seeking similar facilities.

So began the plug to push the signing of this petition on social media.  The petition was initially sitting on 20-25 supporters when we found it, and has since moved to 226 in 3 weeks.

Along with this came the attention from a local councilor, and the Blacks Beach Neighborhood Watch committee, who helped us obtain a formal petition to take to the local council. A reply from the Mayor for a meeting with the boys has since resulted, due to be held mid-month, with the aim of having allocated council land space donated to the project.

The boys have already hit their local school to receive more than 100 signatures, with the hopes of visiting additional schools in the Eimeo & Bucasia area for added support.

Once the meeting with the Mayor and associated Council Members has taken place, we have hopes that a favorable outcome can be made towards the park’s development.  In turn, it will mean the boy’s will then start to learn the process of how to fund raise for the building of the facilities.  From here they will then need to approach businesses, apply for various State & Local community grants, as well as community fund raise in order to obtain the dollars to build a facility similar to the one located in Slade Point.

Photos from Troppos Skate n Scoot Facebook Page from the recent Skate Competition held at Slade Point in July 2016.

The facilities located in the suburb of Slade Point has an estimated cost of around $200,000.  We are also basing the costs on facilities built in Gladstone, with the current facilities being expanded upon.  Located next to the local PCYC in Yaroon Street, a group of avid Skateboarders, who had grown up in the Region and wanted to give back to the community, started the push for the expansion of the venue which was initially created in 2006. These facilities were then given in 2012 with a four year plan to make it the size it is today.  See attached photos & click here to view costs mentioned for the various skate parks constructed in the Gladstone Region.  The one pictured below is for the Memorial Park, located in Yaroon Street, which is three times the size of the one we are looking to petition for.

For those who live in Slade Point they are very much aware of how popular this venue is with the local youth, and this is illustrated with the fact that the local Neighbourhood Watch committee along with Mackay Regional Council and Mackay Youth Connections were major supporters of the local competition recently held in July this year, during the school holidays.

Checkout the skate culture that exists here in Mackay, from the video made from the recent Scooter Competition, & see how much such an event can add value to the youth in our region.

Remember to sign the petition, & help change the lives of local kids here in Mackay.  For those wanting to keep up-to-date with the project please follow the FaceBook Page – Northern Beaches Skate Park Support Page.

Video made and authorized by videographer, Brenden Hayles.