Auctions 2008 Results

                                        RAY WHITE MACKAY CITY AUCTION RESULTS

Number of Properties Auctioned between January to October 2008

70 total  (taken to Auction)

Total Number% CalculationTotal Days On Market
Properties sold prior to Auction11 / 7015%Less than 30 days
Properties Sold Under Hammer17/7025%30 Days
Properties Sold Post Auction23/7032%See below
Properties Withdrawn from Sale or Not Yet Sold19*27%_

Listings that Sold Post Auction (total of 23):

73%   – 17 sold within 21 days after auction (less than 50 days on market overall)

8%     – 2 sold and averaged less than 100 Days on market

19%  – 4 sold and averaged greater than 100 days on market